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Established in 2018 with an aim of providing innovative technology to the most common disciplines like the fishery, floriculture and nursery, Star Global Star has become a leading company related to the agriculture sector of India. Dr. G.N. Kaushik, the agricultural scientist and legal partner of Star Global Star gave the idea of starting a company where we can help the agriculture sector to grow.

The farmers of India have faced a lot of issues simultaneously like droughts, floods, lack of proper irrigation, lack of assuring quality seeds, etc.

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How are we empowering the farmers as well as our nation?

  • More than 200 species of fishes
  • Commercial fish farming 22 Acre land near Sirsa
  • Empowering aquaculture & agriculture in India
  • Uplifting the livelihood of farmers

We are also providing part time working opportunities to the people who want to earn while sitting at home. They can start their own work from home business by investing in our business plan. In a short span of time, we've become one of the best companies in India that is providing great work from home business opportunities to the people. So, if you are enthusiastic about starting your own business where you will set your own working hours, then it is the most effective business option one can ever choose to earn a good profit individually.

If you want to start your own Work from home business in India, then approach Star Global Star. You can make an investment in our business plan and earn good profits. We are providing opportunists for Work from home business in Haryana, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. Being one of the leading companies in India, we can help you in the expansion of your network, so that you can earn greater benefits from our business plan.

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Our Services

Our wide range of farmer empowering services

Fishery project in India
In order to sustain the water resources of India and help farmers of our nation, we have started the commercial fish farming in a 22 Acre land located near Sirsa, Haryana. We want to increase the fish production of different species and export them to different countries in order to increase fish farming business in India. We will also provide a good income source to the farmers of India by giving the knowledge sessions of fish farming in our seminars.
Flowering business plan
Being the premium grower and exporters of different varieties of flowers in India, we are taking an initiative to increase the flower farming business in India. Through flower farming, we will also provide gainful & riskless employment to the farmers of India. At our seminars, we'll help the farmers of different regions to start their own fish farming business.
Nursery business in India
We are planting different varieties of indoor and outdoor trees & plants at our nursery located in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. We want to make a contribution in keeping our environment green as well as helping the farmers of our nation. To get the knowledge of starting an own nursery, the farmers can join our seminar and take the expert tips.
Work from home business

    We are empowering the farmers of our nation by providing them with a better source of income. Today we are working to achieve our mission of establishing the economically sustainable business models of agriculture & the aquaculture for the farmers that will help them improve income and employment opportunities.


    India is a developing country, but we want to transform our nation into a developed country. We are working to uplift the farmers and the aquaculture & agriculture sectors of India. We are also taking action to significantly reduce the Global Warming & make the planet Earth a better place for all the living beings.

Why choose us?

We are working selflessly with an aim to develop the most important section of our nation, i.e., Farming. We are working for the empowerment of the farmers of our country by providing them the right source of income. Through our nursery and plantation activities, we are contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Not only the farmers, we are also helping those who want to work from home and start their own business by providing them with a business plan. An investment in our business plan can help people earn huge profits while sitting at home.

Work from home business in India

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Agriculture business plan

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Work from home business in India

Due to the lack of jobs in the market, we want to be self employed and earn money. We want to be our own boss and set our own targets. Being a self employed person, we would stay away from pay cuts, long working hours, work stress, job instability, lack of job security, etc.

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