Floriculture business plan

How to start a plant nursery business

Nursery business plan

If you have a spacious background and a great source of water with tons of ambitions, then we'd recommend you to start your own plant nursery. Starting a plant nursery is the wonderful way to turn your love of plants and gardening into a career. Here in this blog, we'll help you start your Nursery business in India by sharing some tips.

Requirements for the nursery business

The process of starting a nursery business is quite simple. To start it, you'd require a land, woody stem, sand, and simple tools for cutting and digging. to start the business the first thing, you'd have to do is investigating your potential market. You should be able to predict the demand of your customers, like the plants you will grow, quantity and advertising.

Select a site for beginning

If you don't own a land, then you have to lease or purchase the one for your business. Make sure it is suitable for the plantation business purpose. Also, make sure that the site you are choosing a site which has a good access.

Research material suppliers

As you are in the beginning stage of your business, you'd have to search for the material suppliers and develop a relationship with them. This is important because you have to buy seeds, containers, landscape fabric, mulch, soil conditioners, and equipment.

Study plant species

You should determine a reasonable time for the species that you intend to grow. Every plant grows fast in fairly the right condition, but they may take time to be ready for the market.

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