Floriculture business plan


Floriculture business plan

Floriculture is a booming sector of India, which sees 20% annual growth in the export market. On every occasion, people use a huge quantity of different types of flowers in India as well as in other countries. In order to fulfill the increasing demand of flowers in the international market, we at Star Global Star have initiated a Flowering business plan in which we will produce different species of flowers in our land located in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. We want to start the best Flower business in India and export the different types of flowers to different countries. Floriculture is a rising industry and we want to be the part of this rapidly growing industry.

Start your own floriculture business

Star Global Star gives you an opportunity to start your own floriculture business in India by educating you about the right seeds, land and environment in the Seminars. We want to see the farmer of India getting a good livelihood and profit through the farming and that is why we provide them free seminars to start the Floriculture business in Haryana, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

We also give people the opportunity to start their Flower business from home. You won't need to grow flowers on your own, you can collect the flowers from the farms and export them to the different countries. Through this, you will stay away from the headache of growing flowers and start your own Floriculture business in India.

Established to create a strong leadership in the floriculture sector

We've started growing flowers in our land located in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. With our Flowering business plan, we are sure that we'll establish in a market and create a strong leadership in the floriculture sector. Our motto is to focus on the quality of the flowers and export them internationally.