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About Us


Welcome to Star Global Star

Established in 2018 with an aim of providing innovative technology to the most common disciplines like the fishery, floriculture and nursery, Star Global Star has become a leading company related to the agriculture sector of India. We have an ambition to empower fishery, floriculture and nursery sector in India because these are the sectors that play a major role in the development of our economy. Dr. G.N. Kaushik, the agricultural scientist and legal partner of Star Global Star gave the idea of starting a company where we can help the agriculture sector to grow.

Floods, droughts, lack of good quality seeds, lack of proper irrigation, etc. are the problems faced by the farmers of India simultaneously. The growth of every nation is deeply connection with the well being of the farmers. Keeping this in mind, we’ve taken an initiative to help the farmers of India. We want to change this unpromising scenario by giving farmers of India great aquaculture, floriculture and agriculture business plan. Through innovative and solid business ideas, we are working to strengthen the farmers - the backbone of our nation.

Investment in the fishery gives a good ROI

The demand of fish products is increasing gradually in national and international market in accordance with the current growth of population. Keeping this in our mind, we have started commercial fish farming at our 22 Acre land which is situated in Sirsa, Haryana. With this step, we will increase the fish production with our high quality pond environment and sell the fishes in national and international market. Through fish farming, we also want to create a new income and employment opportunity for the farmers with a small investment. Our experts provide the farmers, the practical sessions for fish farming, so that they can start their profitable & risk less business of fish farming with a small investment. To maximize the overall production of various fish species, we provide high quality fish feed to the farmers and help them start their business of fish farming.

Expanding reach in the floriculture sector

In order to grow our presence in the market, we are expanding our reach in the floriculture sector. We are producing different types of flowers in our land located in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. We've become a premium grower, exporter and supplier of the fresh flowers in India. Through our agriculture project ideas, we are increasing the employment opportunities to the farmers. We know that the flower farming is an old farming activity in India, which has the potential for generating beneficial self employment among farmers of our nation. In order to keep this in our mind, we are providing the practical sessions to the farmers to teach them how to grow flowers with the potential seeds. We also provide the farmers of different regions, the floriculture products in order make them a part of this rising industry. For the growth of our economy flower farming is the one of the best agriculture project ideas for farmers.

Nursery activity gives great financial benefits

We want to earn while making the contribution to our environment and that is why our next focus is on growing superior quality plants in our nursery located in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. We have ample supply of indoor and outdoor plants, which we are growing in our nursery. We are contributing to the betterment of our environment by planting more and more trees and plants in our nursery. We want to inspire everyone to plant trees and develop a culture of care toward the Mother Nature. To promote this beneficial activity, we are organizing the seminars at the different places. In our seminar, we promote the Agriculture business plan In India because it will help our agriculture sector grow.

Our Mission

We are empowering the farmers of our nation by providing them with a better source of income. Today we are working to achieve our mission of establishing the economically sustainable business models of agriculture & the aquaculture for the farmers that will help them improve income and employment opportunities.

Our Vision

India is a developing country, but we want to transform our nation into a developed country. We are working to uplift the farmers and the aquaculture & agriculture sectors of India. We are also taking action to significantly reduce the Global Warming & make the planet Earth a better place for all the living beings.